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Aussie-Owned Movie Central YouTube Channel Takes Fandom to Dizzying New Heights

Aussie-Owned Movie Central YouTube Channel Takes Fandom to Dizzying New Heights

Sydney, Australia – VA Media, a leader in AVOD and social monetisation from Down Under, is celebrating a huge win with its flagship YouTube channel, Movie Central, smashing past 1.5 billion views and notching up 4.9 million subscribers globally. This milestone highlights the massive role digital platforms play in the entertainment industry and showcases VA Media's knack for tapping into fandom audiences to unlock fresh revenue streams for film distributors and content licensors.

A Landmark Achievement in Digital Entertainment

Movie Central has evolved into a digital juggernaut, delivering a mix of films, clips, and episodes to an international audience. Thanks to VA Media’s savvy approach to playlist curation and social monetisation on platforms like YouTube and Facebook, the channel has seen its viewership and subscriber base soar.

Crafting Success with Smart Strategies

VA Media's formula for success goes beyond just amassing a vast library of content. "We’re stoked to bring our Movie Central community such diverse and captivating content from top-notch distributors and licensors," remarked Mark Ashbridge, CEO of VA Media. He underscored the current and future potential of their business model, which includes both Owned and Operated and Managed channels across various platforms.

Driving Engagement and Maximising Film Value

With blockbuster hits like “Ninja,” racking over 36 million views, “Convict” drawing 27 million views, and “Titanic II” pulling in 26 million views, Movie Central has demonstrated its ability to engage viewers massively. David Rimawi, founder of The Asylum and partner on nearly 200 titles including “Titanic II,” commented, “It’s been fantastic growing alongside VA Media, a beacon in the movie distribution landscape.”

The success story of the Australian film “Convict” is particularly notable, with its tailored social monetisation strategy securing over 27 million global views on YouTube within a year and generating a significant revenue for its content partner.

Broadening the Scope

Looking to the future, VA Media is expanding its reach with exciting new channels like Luxury Living, The Unexplained Universe, Inside the Music, and Movie Central en Español. They’re also planning a Portuguese language channel and forging new content partnerships with names like UFOTV and Echelon Studios, poised to diversify and enhance their content offerings even further.