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GOATONOMICS—Mountain Goat Beer Shouts Shoppers with a Twist, Offering Instant Cash Back

GOATONOMICS—Mountain Goat Beer Shouts Shoppers with a Twist, Offering Instant Cash Back

Mountain Goat Beer has launched an audacious new promotion, "GOATONOMICS," turning the tables on traditional beer buying by offering shoppers the chance to win instant cash back right at the point of sale. The campaign, crafted by Communicado, mixes a bit of fun with a dash of fortune, allowing beer lovers to potentially get their pack shouted with cash rewards.

Have Your Beer and Get Paid Too

Ever thought your beer could shout you back? That’s the cheeky premise behind GOATONOMICS. Customers who pick up a specially marked case of Mountain Goat’s Very Enjoyable Beer could find themselves instantly richer by $10, $20, or even $50. Featured at liquor outlets with eye-catching displays that include a quirky ‘accountant goat’, this promotion promises a delightful twist to your regular beer run.


Staying True to Brand

Mountain Goat is renowned for its offbeat and engaging campaigns, often featuring goats in leading roles. "GOATONOMICS follows in the hoofprints of our previous promotions, staying true to our brand’s playful and slightly unconventional spirit,” says Chris Buchanan, Associate Creative Director at Communicado, who masterminded the concept. The campaign is in full swing, spread across radio, OOH, social channels, and in-store displays, and will run until the 25th of June, 2024.

It’s All About the Experience

This promotion is more than just about selling beer—it's about creating an experience. “We aim to surprise and delight our customers, making each interaction with our brand memorable,” Buchanan explains. This approach is about engaging consumers in a fun and interactive way, encouraging them to connect with the brand on a deeper level.

Join the Fun

Chris Buchanan is on hand for interviews to delve into the creative process behind GOATONOMICS. His insights shed light on how traditional marketing strategies can be flipped to create fresh and engaging consumer interactions in a saturated market.

Mountain Goat Beer invites everyone to test their luck with GOATONOMICS—perhaps the next shout could be on your goat! For more information on the campaign or to check out the promotional materials, feel free to visit the links provided or contact Kathy at Communicado.