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IAS Boosts Global Ad Metrics with Amazon Partnership, Extends Reach to Twitch

IAS Boosts Global Ad Metrics with Amazon Partnership, Extends Reach to Twitch

Integral Ad Science (IAS), a global powerhouse in media measurement and optimisation, today unveiled its enhanced reporting features within Amazon DSP. This update marks a significant leap in ad measurement, allowing advertisers to gain deeper insights into campaigns targeting Amazon custom audiences and Twitch inventory.

Upgraded Reporting Features Across Amazon Platforms

IAS has introduced a server-to-server (S2S) integration that extends its measurement capabilities across Amazon DSP. Advertisers now have access to refined metrics on viewability, brand safety and suitability, and invalid traffic (IVT), especially focusing on Amazon’s custom audiences and the expansive Twitch inventory.

Lisa Utzschneider, CEO of IAS, emphasised the shared commitment to maximising returns for advertisers. "Both IAS and Amazon Ads are driven by a dedication to our customers. This collaboration enhances our ability to provide independent measurement, ensuring advertisers can optimise their spend effectively," she stated.

Key Enhancements in the IAS and Amazon Integration:

  • Robust Brand Safety and Suitability Metrics: Advertisers can now align their campaigns more closely with their brand values while ensuring high visibility and minimal invalid traffic.
  • Expanded Viewability and IVT Measures: Essential metrics for Twitch are now available, adding to the measures on Amazon’s custom audiences.
  • Cross-Device Tracking Capabilities: Advertisers have the ability to monitor campaign performance across a variety of devices, including CTV, mobile, desktop, and tablet, offering a holistic view of advertising impact.

Streamlined Insights with IAS Signal

Supporting these integration capabilities is IAS Signal, a platform designed to offer advertisers a consolidated view of their worldwide campaigns. This platform enhances the accessibility of insights and data. This follows IAS’s improvements in Q3 2023 that introduced Context Control pre-bid segments for Amazon Ads, enabling advertisers to better control ad placements and reach contextually relevant content more effectively.