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Leonardo.Ai Unveils Groundbreaking Enterprise Solution to Revolutionise Industry-Wide Creative Processes

Leonardo.Ai Unveils Groundbreaking Enterprise Solution to Revolutionise Industry-Wide Creative Processes

In an exciting move, Leonardo.Ai, the Australian startup on its way to becoming one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies in the country, today announced the rollout of its first enterprise-specific offering, 'Leonardo for Teams'. This innovative AI-powered suite is set to transform how creative teams collaborate and streamline workflows across a range of industries.

As the Generative AI (GenAI) industry sees unprecedented growth and looks set to continue its rapid expansion, 'Leonardo for Teams' is perfectly timed to meet the increasing needs of enterprises for efficient, scalable, and compliant asset production. Now live in beta, this new tool allows marketing, design, and creative departments to revolutionise how they create visual assets.

A Leap in Growth and Innovation

Since its debut in December 2022, Leonardo.Ai has more than doubled its user base, skyrocketing from 7.5 million to over 15 million users in just four months. The platform now supports the creation of 6 million visual assets daily, with over one billion unique assets produced to date.

'Leonardo for Teams' marks a significant milestone in the use of GenAI, moving from a tool for individual creatives to a comprehensive enterprise-grade platform. Ensuring compliance and commercial safety, the suite includes models trained on fully licensed data, complete with full attribution to rights-holders and a robust copyright indemnification policy, simplifying legal concerns for enterprises.

Images attributed to Jessie Hughes, Senior Creative Technologist, Leonardo.Ai

Boosting Creative Collaboration

'Leonardo for Teams' enables marketing, design, and creative teams to produce visual assets in entirely new ways. Multiple creators can now work together on the same platform, generating, editing, and reviewing visual assets in real time. This collaborative approach drastically cuts down the time spent on edits and production and supports private sharing of tailor-made models along with organisational-level asset management, enhancing overall team productivity.

Jachin Bhasme, COO and co-founder of Leonardo.Ai, shared his enthusiasm: "Leonardo for Teams sprang from the needs of marketers, designers, architects, filmmakers, and a whole host of other creatives. We believe that creativity is central to an enterprise's success—it's a key competitive edge. Our new enterprise solution brings scale and unmatched efficiency to the creative process, enabling major industries to completely revamp their traditional approaches."

Looking to the Future

This enterprise suite is just the start of what Leonardo.Ai plans for the business sector, with ambitions to expand into new creative fields including advertising, design, architecture, film, fashion, and more. The company continues to push the boundaries of innovation, recently introducing features like a transparency tool for generating native transparent PNGs and a Motion feature that has already produced over 3.5 million video clips.

Moreover, Leonardo.Ai is developing its own proprietary foundational model to broaden its capabilities beyond standard image generation. This development is bolstered by a suite of new photorealistic models and upscalers that are setting new standards for high-fidelity visual asset creation.