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New Hubspot Study Highlights Pressure on Australian Marketers to Do More with Less

New Hubspot Study Highlights Pressure on Australian Marketers to Do More with Less

In an era marked by rapid technological advances and evolving market demands, Aussie businesses are finding themselves at a pivotal juncture. HubSpot, a global leader in customer platforms, has released compelling new data that highlights a significant shift in business practices and customer engagement strategies among Australian companies.

Over the past four years, a whopping 74% of Australian businesses report undergoing more change than in the previous two decades, driven by the integration of generative AI and a shift in customer expectations. This transformation isn't just about keeping up with technology but redefining how businesses operate and engage with their customers.

Transforming Business with AI and Automation

As businesses navigate these changes, there is a clear move towards leveraging artificial intelligence and automation to scale operations rather than increasing headcount. In 2024, 62% of Aussie businesses acknowledged the need to shift from a reactive growth strategy to one that incorporates AI and automation tools to handle increased demand and operational complexity.

Moreover, 70% of businesses noted that the advent of AI necessitates a complete reinvention of their operations, emphasising the need to adapt to a continuously evolving digital landscape. With AI at the forefront, 57% of businesses see their growth strategies evolving significantly, as they aim to provide more personalised, streamlined customer experiences.

HubSpot’s Innovative Solutions: Content Hub and Service Hub

In response to these challenges, HubSpot has introduced the Content Hub and Service Hub, designed to support businesses in managing and enhancing customer interactions across all stages of the customer journey. The Content Hub, in particular, offers tools for AI content creation, content remixing, and maintaining a consistent brand voice across multiple channels.

Kat Warboys, Senior Marketing Director - APAC at HubSpot, commented on the launch, "The pressure to deliver more with less is especially pronounced in Australia, where 51% of businesses feel the squeeze, nearly 10% higher than the global average. Our new tools are tailored to meet these challenges by enabling businesses to create engaging, multi-channel content efficiently and effectively."

Hubspot's Content Hub in Action. Source: supplied

The Impact of Multi-Channel Content Strategy

The necessity for a robust multi-channel content strategy is more critical than ever, with 70% of marketers highlighting the need for tools to help remix content across various formats and platforms. Australia ranks second, just behind Singapore, in citing the proliferation of communication channels as a significant operational hurdle.

"The introduction of Content Hub has revolutionised how we approach content marketing," shared Colm Walsh, Managing Director at Swimming Pool Kits Direct. "It has reduced the time we spend on content repurposing by 60%, allowing us to focus more on organic growth, which has seen a 150% increase year on year."

Comprehensive Support with Service Hub

Alongside the Content Hub, the Service Hub offers an integrated platform that combines customer support and success functions, facilitating better coordination and enhancing the overall customer experience. This integration is crucial as businesses strive to not only acquire customers but also retain them through exceptional service.

"Service Hub has transformed our customer support capabilities," stated Catriona Hay, Head of Platform Success at Archipro. "The new ticketing system not only saves us significant costs but also provides deeper insights into customer interactions, helping us continuously improve our offerings."

Looking Forward

As Aussie businesses continue to adapt to the rapid pace of change, the tools provided by HubSpot are proving indispensable. The ability to manage complex customer interactions through a unified platform will be critical in maintaining competitiveness and achieving sustainable growth.

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