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Issue 13

Issue 13

Every week, we curate the best recommendations, the greatest insights and top news into a 3-minute read designed to give Aussie marketers everything they need to succeed.

Tom, Virginia, Zway

- Simon Hakim ​, CEO of Hunter, on Founding a Creative Agency for Challenger Brands and Agents of Change.

-Jessie Lin, Head of Digital Marketing at Stockspot, on the Upsurge of Online Investors Across Multiple Generations.

3 Things You Need to Know in Marketing This Week

Instagram Updates

  • New Feature Called ‘Collabs’ - Users can now invite other accounts to collaborate on a feed post or Reel. The collaborative post will then appear on both user’s profiles, and each party can access the post's metrics [1]
  • New Data Analytics Metrics - The update on the ‘Insights’ element provides marketers with a deeper understanding of their audience. The new metrics being added are:

-Accounts engaged: Total number of accounts that interacted with the content in a determined period,

-Engaged audience & Reached Audience: Both metrics will include demographic information about the audience, such as if it follows the profile or not, top cities, top countries, top age ranges and gender [2][3]

  • New Functionality for Desktops. As of October 21st, the App will allow users to post photos and videos from desktops, ‘providing a more centralized way for social media managers to maintain their IG presence.’ [4]

Sources: Social Media Today and Marketing Brew.

Apple's iOS 14 changes on Facebook’s Q3 & Q4.

Facebook reported $29.0 billion in total revenue for Q3, slightly missing the investor’s expectations.

In its press release regarding Q4, Facebook said:

‘We expect fourth quarter 2021 total revenue to be in a range of $31.5 billion to $34 billion. Our outlook reflects the significant uncertainty we face in the fourth quarter in light of continued headwinds from Apple's iOS 14 changes, and macroeconomic and COVID-related factors. In addition, we expect non-ads revenue to be down year-over-year in the fourth quarter as we lap the strong launch of Quest 2 during last year's holiday shopping season.

Read more in AdNews, TechCrunch and Bloomberg.

New Insight into the ‘Great Resignation’ Movement and its Potential Impact on Australian Workplaces.

New data was recently published regarding the global trend ‘Great Resignation’ in Australia, characterised by an extraordinary spike in the number of staff quitting their jobs.

As explained by Business Insider Australia, the phenomenon is related to the pandemic’s effects: ‘longer hours, combined with a loss of division between work and home, drove experiences of burnout.’

In Monday's article, BIA analysed the report published by Limeade, which suggests that ‘while Australians are not quitting at the same rates as their U.S. counterparts, burnout and a sense their workplaces failed to support them during lockdowns are driving a local exodus.’

Data from Employment Hero suggests that ‘2 in 5 workers are ready to quit their jobs.’ Surveying local workers, the HR platform found out that ‘40% said they were going to look for a new job within the next six months, while 15% were already actively looking to split from their current employer.’

Recommended News Article of the Week

'26 Predictions for Social Media Marketing in 2022' by Social Media Today.

'13 LinkedIn Marketing Strategies You Wish You Created & Why They Work' by Semrush Blog.


  • ‘Sales engagement platform to send personalized cold emails at scale and set tasks to engage with prospects via phone and social media, all in one sequence, on one dashboard.’
  • ‘As an outreach tool, I find its value in being able to send bulk emails from a Gmail account and how well it connects to other tools, such as Zapier’ - Tom Willis, Lawpath.

Podcast: The Vergecast, hosted by Nilay Patel and Dieter Bohn.

The Verge’s weekly series gives an irreverent and informative look at what’s happening right now (and next) in the world of technology and gadgets.

-Piet Van Den Boer, Frollo.

Blog / Website: Irrational Labs

IL takes behavioural insights out of the lab and into product development. They offer behavioural science content on their blog and a useful 8-week online bootcamp on Behavioral Economics.

- Jessie Lin, Stockspot.

Book: “The Great CEO Within" by Matt Mochary.

As Coach of many CEOs of the fastest-scaling technology companies in Silicon Valley, in this book, Matt Mochary shares his leadership and business-operating tools to scale a business from startup to corporation by implementing a system of accountability, effective problem-solving, and transparent feedback.

-Simon Hakim, Hunter.

Is your team ready for 2022?

A LOT can happen in a year when it comes to digital marketing. By the end of this year third party cookies will be nearly extinct, while Facebook Ad reporting and email open rates may never be the same again. Our customised workshops combine the latest research with the insights from 70+ industry experts to create an engaging, relevant and practical experience. You can check out our available modules and register your interest here: Marketing Trends Workshops.