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Issue 14

Issue 14

Every week, we curate the best recommendations, the greatest insights and top news into a 3-minute read designed to give Aussie marketers everything they need to succeed.

Tom, Virginia, Zway

-Jane Redfern: Head of Marketing & PR at Nourish Ingredients on Starting a Brand Journey in an Innovative Growing Industry.

3 Things You Need to Know in Marketing This Week

Social Media Giants Lost Estimately $US10 billion, as a Result of Apple’s iPhone Privacy Changes, According to a New Report by The Financial Times.

In Monday's article, Business Insider Australia explains:

‘Apple introduced a privacy change for iPhones in April this year. The change forces apps to ask users’ permission to track them for advertising purposes. An ad data firm told The Financial Times that Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Snap lost $US10 billion as a result.

Fortune, on the impacts of the privacy policy, added: ‘It was smartphone-focused platform Snap that was impacted the most by Apple's change, losing 13.2% of the revenue it would have collected otherwise (…) Meanwhile, companies like Google, parent Alphabet and Twitter were less affected by the decision because their ads do not depend as heavily on tracking mobile habits.’

Sources: Business Insider Australia, Fortune and Financial Times.

In its announcement, Instagram said:

“When we first introduced Stories links, the feature was limited to verified accounts or those with a certain number of followers. We’ve heard from the rest of our community that they also want to share things that matter with their friends and family. Whatever you’re into, from cooking to volunteering or shopping, you now have a space to share in Stories - regardless of your account size.”

The link stickers will replace the ‘Swipe up’ as the primary link sharing option.

For more details, check out Social Media Today.

Using PayPal data, BIA published an article about consumers’ shifts in their spending.

The 4 Consumer Trends on the rise are:

  • ​ ‘Buy now, pay later’: 45% of Aussie online shoppers have now used BNPL, with that figure rising to 65% for Millennial online shoppers.  [*1]
  • ‘Influencer and Social Media Marketing’: Spending through social media increased by a factor of 5, from $5 per month in 2019 to $25 per month in 2020.[*2]
  • ‘New purchasing trends’: Rise in the consumption of ‘health and beauty, computers and electronics plus home and garden products (...) There’s also been a rise in the use of online and app-based fitness, health, diet, mindfulness classes and programs.’ [*2]
  • ‘Go green and embrace ethical’:  Within the last 12 months, ‘55% of Australian consumers had made a green or ethically-based purchasing decision (...) and for 10% of Aussie consumers, the environment is even more important than their own wallet.’ [*3]

Read the complete article by Anita Anabel '4 consumer spending trends on the rise in 2021', Business Insider Australia | Source: PayPal.

Recommended News Article of the Week

'From Facebook to Meta: Social Giant’s Nicola Mendelsohn on Marketing in the Metaverse' by Kendra Clark, The Drum.

'Market Analysis Done in Under 60 Minutes' by Natalia Zhukova, Semrush Blog.


‘Analytics and management platform for social media marketers for businesses and agencies to easily manage and report their performance on their social media accounts.’

‘Iconosquare makes data collection a lot easier than navigating the native tools provided by social media platforms.’ Jeremy Azzopardi, Sydney Zoo.

Podcast: Influence by WeTransfer.

This documentary podcast, hosted by WeTransfer’s Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer Damian Bradfield, takes a deep dive into the world of advertising, discussing the good, the bad, and the ugly of the industry, as well as shines a light on the companies, technologies, and leaders who’ve decided to use their influence responsibly—and the ones who haven’t.

-Jane Redfern, Nourish Ingredients.

Blog / Website: Really Good Emails.

This website aims to be the best showcase of email design and resources on the web. It provides transparency into product and customer email, curating a collection of thousands of emails to show both design and code.

-Cassie Puah, GGWP Academy.

Book: Prediction Machines: The Simple Economics of Artificial Intelligence by Ajay Agrawal, Joshua Gans and Avi Goldfarb.

Three eminent economists recast the rise of AI as a drop in the cost of prediction and use basic tools from economics to provide clarity about the AI revolution and its potential.

-Nic Vargas, Safewill.

Is your team ready for 2022?

A LOT can happen in a year when it comes to digital marketing. By the end of this year third party cookies will be nearly extinct, while Facebook Ad reporting and email open rates may never be the same again.Our customised workshops combine the latest research with the insights from 70+ industry experts to create an engaging, relevant and practical experience. You can check out our available modules and register your interest here: Marketing Trends Workshops.