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Issue 3

Issue 3

Every week, we curate the best recommendations, the greatest insights and top news into a 3-minute read designed to give Aussie marketers everything they need to succeed.

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Tom, Virginia, Zway

Featured Articles

  • Jennie Smiedt: Head of Marketing and Communications at The Kids'​ Cancer Project: an Insight into Nonprofit Marketing.

  • Hilary Brainard: Head of Marketing and Communications at BlueChilli Group on Helping Impactful Startups Scale.

3 Things You Need to Know in Marketing This Week

Seven West Media, Australia's largest diversified media business, reports a 240% increase in underlying net profit for the year and a reduction of its net debt by 40%. Among the reasons behind this growth is the increase in ad spend on free to air television.

LinkedIn is adding a 'Reviews' section, an extra element that allows its users to highlight their professional skills within their profiles by receiving reviews as services providers.

  • Read the complete story here: LinkedIn Adds Reviews and Ratings for Profiles Which Have Added Services Listings - Social Media Today

Key updates in the world of apps:

  • TikTok is testing Stories and merged personal accounts with creator accounts.’
  • Google Pay expanded support for vaccine cards. In Australia, Google’s payments app now allows users to add their COVID-19 digital certification to their device for easy access.’
  • WhatsApp is adding a new feature that will allow users to send photos and videos that disappear after a single viewing.’

  • Full article here: This Week in Apps: In-app events hit the App Store, TikTok tries Stories, Apple reveals new child safety plan - TechCrunch

Recommended News Article of the Week


  • Cloud-based collaborative work management platform for managing cross-functional work at scale that is fully configurable and enables contextual collaboration in a secure environment.
  • ‘It is the one tool that ensures every campaign element is delivered on time.Jennie Smiedt, The Kids’ Cancer Project.

Podcast: The Next Billion Seconds by Mark Pesce.

The American-Australian author, engineer and futurist Mark Pesce tells you what you need to know about the future, simplifying the complex technological and societal changes we face.

-Jemima Fallows, v2

Blog: Marketing Examples

A gallery of the finest real world marketing examples used by successful businesses. It’s Twitter Account Harry’s Marketing Examples is brilliant.

-Hilary Brainard ​, BlueChilli Group

Book: Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller

It's a very practical guide to frame your stories so that they are understood by your audience.

-Prashant Mohan, Sharesight.