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Issue 17

Issue 17

Every week, we curate the best recommendations, the greatest insights and top news into a 3-minute read designed to give Aussie marketers everything they need to succeed.

Tom, Virginia, Zway

Dan Palise, APAC Strategy Marketing Manager at Uber on the Delivery Business Hitting Growth Records & The 'Pace Duality' Phenomenon.

Cláudia Capelo, Lifecycle Marketing Manager APAC at Shippit on the Unprecedented Upsurge in eCommerce.

Monica Moran, Marketing Manager at AAM on Why ‘Teaching is the New Pitching' & Overcoming Perceptions in the Geospatial Industry.

3 Things You Need to Know in Marketing This Week

Australian Black Friday Sales Volume Grew 298% YoY.

Business Insider Australia published Klarna's insights:

  • Sales volumes increased 298% YoY.
  • Retailers and banks estimated Australians would spend around $5.5 billion.
  • The most common spending categories were 'clothing and shoes', 'jewellery and accessories', and 'leisure equipment'.
  • Sales volumes on Friday peaked 399% higher than an average day.

Read the full article: 'Klarna says Black Friday Sales Volume Grew 298% on Last Year', Business Insider Australia.

Updates In Social Media

  • According to Social Media Today, although not officially announced, Instagram is headed to making the user's feeds a combination of relevant image posts, Stories, Reels and Video content and we could expect traditional news feeds of static posts and videos to be on the way out.
  • TikTok pushes a new business registration option that will enable brands to list their business category on their profile. As explained by specialist Matt Navarra, 'this exclusive feature unlocks priority access to test new products designed to help businesses find commercial success on TikTok.'
  • Last week, Twitter announced it's launching 'Live Shopping'. As explained by the company, 'While watching a Live Shopping stream on Twitter, people can take several actions that make the shopping experience on Twitter seamless, such as: Check out the Shoppable Banner and Shop Tab on the Live event’s page, toggle back and forth between the Latest Tab and the Shop Tab throughout the livestream, allowing them to be a part of the conversation as they check out products, continue to watch the livestream on the merchant’s website within an in-app browser, so they don’t miss a thing while making a purchase.' Their first Live Shopping was this week in collaboration with Walmart.

Meta Provides New Insight Into Targeting Approaches and Explains Three Data-driven Factors to Consider to Help Choose Between General and Narrow Strategies.

An analysis made by the Marketing Science team at Facebook found that 'there was no single approach that worked best in all cases. However, the data showed there were three key factors that marketers should consider when looking to develop the optimal strategy:

  • Aim for a broad qualified reach and avoid overnarrowing your target audience;
  • Both interest and demographic target strategies can deliver scalable reach; and
  • The optimal targeting strategy depends on your campaign objective.

One of the details of the analysis is that 'in approximately half of the campaigns, the selected interest audiences were too narrow and therefore significantly restricted reach compared to the demographic audience. In this case (when selected interest audiences were too narrow), demographic audiences delivered almost double the reach (+99%) over interest audiences for equal budget.”

On the topic, Andrew Hutchinson adds 'In essence, it’s a fairly logical outcome, but the point that Meta’s looking to highlight is that many businesses go too narrow in their ad targeting too early, when reaching more people is often better, as you can then maximize both brand awareness and reach.'

Read the full report by Meta.

Recommended News Article of the Week

'How Marketers are Setting up Teams for Success in 2022' by  Megan Tatum, Marketing Week.

'How to Craft a Digital Advertising Strategy that Combats Rising Costs and Captures New Customers', by Tom Whatley, CXL.


‘Book-summarizing subscription service that provides summaries of over 3,000 bestselling non-fiction books, 15-minute reads, otherwise known as Blinks or book-in-blinks.’

‘Blinkist has been a reasonable subscription for this year in terms of helping me plough through some non-fiction stuff and as a fast, emergency aid when you need it (parenting!)’ - Victoria Tullock, Archie Rose.

Podcast: The Marketing Book Podcast, hosted by Douglas Burdett.

This weekly series features interviews with authors of new marketing and sales books and was named by LinkedIn and Forbes as one of the top marketing and sales podcasts. Hosted by Douglas Burdett, a marketing agency principal, former artillery officer, Madison Avenue ad man, and stand-up comedian.

-Monica Moran, AAM.

Blog or Website: 'Work in Social They Said'

This Instagram Account run by an anonymous Social Media Manager documents the struggles of running online communities with memes and all types of humour related to working in the industry.

-Emily-Rose Hills, NRL.

Book: ‘Product-led Onboarding: How to Turn New Users Into Lifelong Customers.  

This book by Ramli John and Wes Bush gives a simple 6-step strategy used by big corporations to get more loyal clients in a fraction of the time.

-Cláudia Capelo, Shippit.

Is your team ready for 2022?

A LOT can happen in a year when it comes to digital marketing. By the end of this year third party cookies will be nearly extinct, while Facebook Ad reporting and email open rates may never be the same again. Our customised workshops combine the latest research with the insights from 70+ industry experts to create an engaging, relevant and practical experience. You can check out our available modules and register your interest here: Marketing Trends Workshops.